Everything that comes with USB is simple better these days. And electric lighter is one of them. Instead of producing flames, it uses high voltage to create a spark and keep it there for a bit, so that you can light a cigarette, a candle or whatever you need to. Operating on a very simple principle, this type of lighter produces high voltage between two or more closely placed electrodes and creates an electric arc between them. When current is produced, it flows between the electrodes of the lighter and ionizes the air it passes through to produce plasma. You will see an electric arc that looks similar to a mini lightning and it can be used as a heat source to get things on fire just like what a regular lighter would do.

The electric USB lighter looks really nice and solid on the outside because it is made with a solid metal body. However, if you take a look inside, you might get disappointed when you open it up. It is not very complex and does not have a high quality build, but it still manages to work fine. Only a bit of electronics is needed to produce the high voltage necessary for the electric arc production and charging circuitry for the battery.

The battery used inside the electric lighter is a small capacity Lithium cell than can be recharged many times a micro USB port provided at the bottom of the lighter. Usually, a single, full charge built-in battery can last for at least about 60-80 times. However, if you don’t have to wait for the built-in fail-safe to turn off the electric arc after a while of it being on even if you continue pressing the button, the battery life could be up to 100 or even more. Regardless of not being too complex, the product still has some built-in safety mechanisms to work surprisingly well.

There are quite a lot of different designs already available, but there are generally two types of electric lighters – the single and dual. The single one uses just two electrodes and passes a single electric arc between them while the dual version has four electrodes and makes an X by crossing the two arcs. Because the single electric lighter is less complex, it is much cheaper than the dual model, but the latter is definitely much cooler. You can make your own choice, especially after considering your requirements. You can certainly have the USB electric lighter for your daily lighting needs.


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